About Us

About Us

Etripoo - our aim is to make this name familiar in the Travel industry. We took a leap at it and travelled the distance surrounded by smooth operations and happy clients. We made sure to maintain it by implementing several skills, innovative tools and adept workforce. Let us walk you through our business.

We have been determined to provide the best experience to our clients in booking Hotels, Flights and Buses. Hence we have resorted to eminent technology which is seamless enough to provide flawless service to our customers. Also, we supplemented it with innovative brains and strategies.


Our product browsing and booking process is a straight and simple affair. For this we use simple yet effective technology. Also our interface is clean and clutter free, which enables our customers to browse and book our services easily.

Highly skilled workforce

We use the services of a highly skilled workforce who can carry out a wide range of booking activities. Their expertise will offer incredible experience to the clients.

Our experts offer complete assistance to the clients, right from the start to end, they understand and work according to your requirements.

Eminent Strategies

We use out-of-the-box and eminent strategies in creating and implementing right packages which are enjoyable and economical at the same time.

We always focus on the customer experience, and this helps us to provide the best of packages, which are the special of us and not available anywhere except us.

Also, we provide the option to our customers to choose their itinerary and other bits. This custom option provides a special experience to our customers.

Customer Assistance and Satisfaction

We always emphasize customer satisfaction, and hence we maintain a super responsive customer assistance team. They are knowledgeable and quick, thereby enabling us to provide high quality assistance with quick turnaround.


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